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We are a group of many survivors who exist in only one body.  We are in the process of gathering the information about our lives, so that we may help other's to learn, understand, and help put an end to the affects of abuse to children.  We also hope to learn more about ourselves and each other during the process.  We are diagnosed, as MPD/DID (MPD- is Multiple Personality Disorder, DID- is Dissassociative Identity Disorder, DID is new name for MPD).  We were diagnosed MPD/DID in January 1998.  To some people to be diagnosed MPD/DID, might have seemed like the end of the world.  Not to us............ it was a relief.  It gave us a name for what some of us had thought was extreme insanity.  Now we know (or at least try to remember), that we aren't crazy.   That we are survivors.  That we did, what we had to do, in order to survive.  MPD/DID is not insanity it is a mental disorder caused by severe trauma or abuse.  It is a survival technique.  

As you search through our site you will learn more about this unique survival instinct, but warning some of this is not easy to read about.  Even for us.  Our life is all coming together slowly and we will be  putting together the pieces of our puzzle, one day at a time.  We will update this site as we get closer to completing the puzzle.  Below are links to each separate survivor who make up the persons we are today.  

**Warning** some of this maybe triggering.  Please be safe.

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Mad, Shame, and F*ck Up
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Tessee and Breana
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Bridget (Host of many)

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