HI! :-) My name is Vikki. Shelly says my name should be Happy Face Vikki. :-) I like that idea but like the name Vikki better. It is shorter and easier to spell. :-) I am 14. I love to drive, go shopping, go dancing, listen to music, watch movies, go to parties, get on the internet, and most anything else that is fun. We don't do as many things as we used to do, before we got married and had a child, but being a wife and a mom can be fun too. Our child is a fun, beautiful, daughter. We have fun doing things with her too. Now if only we could convince our husband to take us out to dance. :-) That is a joke, he hates to dance LOL.

We have found some fun things to do though.  We have a lot of fun learning more about computers and making our website better all the time.  LOL  If we are not careful it might take up the whole web one day LOL




Hi the name is Rodney age 15. There is a purpose to my being..that is to take care of the little ones, to protect them and keep them safe. No one shall hurt them anymore, because now they have someone to keep them safer.  Sometimes this is not the most pleasant task.  Especially when one of the children are reliving a horrible experience from their past.  Sometimes we can take the memory and make it our own and other times we just have to comfort them and remind them we are not in that world anymore with all the bad things.  



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