She says we should say Hi my name is ____ and I am ___yrs old. How lame. The name is in Giant letters at the top of the screen ! So guess who I am .....I am the one who is still here......I am 14. There at least did halv of what she wanted LOL you guessed it Tobee (me) is a bit of a rebel used to get blamed for all the bad stuff she did and get in trouble for it too. She has blamed me at times for things she has done to herself that is not right but sometimes did it after she blamed me for it just so she could have a real reason to blame me for something. Her and I don't always get along she makes me mad She thinks she is the only one whose feelings matter Well that is not true we all have feelings and we all need to be treated fairly not just her favorite one ....shelly the husband did buy a model car kit for us to do and she did allow me the time to do it only cut her thumb a few times ;-) hehehehe the husband has been nicer to us now that he knows about us he had said before that we acted like we were several people rolled into one person .....guess now he knows he was right He always thinks he is right anyway LOL at least this time he was We are hard to figure out .....even took her over 25 yrs to figure it out herself but think she really knew it all along but wasn't gonna believe it till she was forced to Well guess what we are here and we are real !!!!!!!! YES JANINE WE ARE ALL REAL AS REAL AS YOU! SO GET OVER YOURSELF!!! YOU ARE NOT ANY BETTER THAN THE REST OF US........AT LEAST WE KNOW WHICH WAY OUR GATE SWINGS......ONE WAY....... NOT BOTH.....WE ARE ALL HETEROSEXUAL ........ALL BUT JANINE THAT IS...........SHE IS CONFUSED ............SHE IS STUPID.............SHE IS BISEXUAL.........SHE LIKES THEM ALL SHE ISN'T PICKY !!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! There feel better now got her and janine's most embarassing secret out in one fell swoop :) we made an agreement not to edit each other's words unless there was profanity or something nanny nanny boo boo :-p TOBEE

Little Tobee

Little Tobee is no longer with us. He is gone. He is missed. :(


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