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Survivors Foundation
The Survivors Foundation provides recovery assistance to people who were abused or neglected as children, regardless of age, gender, race, occupation, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.
New York Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation
       The NYSSMP&D is an educational organization whose purpose is to further the understanding of Multiple                 Personality (DID) and other dissociative states. It is composed of both professionals and lay members, and is
open to any interested individual.
Sidran Foundation Online
Information about many disorders
Family of Promise
A great site by a Family of survivors
Our World
Information and Support for:autism, dissociaton, and traumas
The Center:Post Traumatic and Dissociative Dissorders
Overview of disorders, spectrum, resources, and info on programs
Web Psychological Club
Web Psychological Club is a free resource
for people interested in psychology, psychiatry and mental health in general.  Many Many Links
Stefieangel's Home Page
Resources for MPD/DID, SRA/RA, personal story, links for littles and more ( Has recieved an award from Troubledkid's MPD/DID Page!)
Soul's Self Help Central
Ton's of Info on bipolar, borderline, and MPD/DID,Links for survivors and family, some mailing lists for spouses and survivors
The Trinity Pages
personal story, resources, and overview of MPD/DID ( Has recieved an award from Troubledkid's MPD/DID Page!)
Kathy's Essential Information On Trauma and Dissociation
tons of links to info for Trauma and dissociative disorders
Child Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder
A website of information wrote by Phillip M. Coones, M.D.
The Spectrum of Dissociative Disorders
An Overview of Diagnosis and Treatment by Joan A. Turkus, M.D.
The Wounded Healer Journal
Abuse survivors resources, Message boards, chats, support, links to resources
Communities Surrounding Divided Hearts
Resources for drug/alcohol dependcy, supporters support, littles activities, trauma links, and mpd/did resources
The Prism Collective Home Page
A personal journey of someone living with MPD/DID, poetry and lots of great links ( Has recieved an award from Troubledkid's MPD/DID Page!)
Kathy and Company
A great site made by a friend who is a survivor has personal stories, poetry, links and reminders that we survived. ( Has recieved an award from Troubledkid's MPD/DID Page!)
My Thoughts and Feelings
A very personal look into feeling of the diagnosis of MPD/DID, friendships, relationships w/parents, and online friends.     ( Has recieved an award from Troubledkid's MPD/DID Page!)
The Significant Other's Guide to Dissociative Identity Disorder
This is an absolute must read for any Significant other of a mulitple.  Gives great insight and wrote in everyday terms, even includes some tasteful bits of humor.
Welcome to NotVictims
Links about animal assisted therapy, borderline personality disorder, Childhood sexual abuse, Children and parenting issues, Comforting and fun, Dissociaton, Depression, Domestic Violence, Eating disorders, Health and chronic pain, Mental health rights, Post traumatic stress disorder, support for women and men (sexual assualt), Recovered memories, Ritual abuse, self injury, support groups for parents, siblings, spouses, etc.
Tyger Wolf Crew Den
MPD/DID, PTSD, abuse issues, and other problems we think may interest those who have DID or who know someone who is MPD. We provide resources, research, and personal writings about ourselves, our life, and our goals. ( Has recieved an award from Troubledkid's MPD/DID Page!)
Page of Hope
Links and information on dissociation, sexual assault, cancer, hiv/aids, PTSD, eating disorders, and more.
Significant Others of Survivors Who Want to Meet Other Significant Others of Survivors
This page is for all the Partners, Friends, and Family of Survivors who don't always have someone to talk to. It is hard sometimes to have a loved one who was sexually abuse, but hopefully you can find some support of your own here on this page.
MPD and Survivors of Abuse
Information For Survivors Of:Incest, Child Abuse, Ritual Abuse, Drug Addiction, And Those Diagnosed As M.P.D (Also Information For Those Who Care About You). ( Has recieved an award from Troubledkid's MPD/DID Page!)
Princessess Haven
Personal wrtings from web site author and readers, Books, Coping strategies, Tips as to you may be dissociative, Ethical therapy, MPD/DID resources, Links to meeting others that are MPD/DID, Personal MPD/DID webpage links, and Safe kids sites.  ( Has recieved an award from Troubledkid's MPD/DID Page!)
Mirror Lady's Site of Grief
These pages are in exploration of my life with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), resulting from childhood sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, and torture. Included are art, poetry, and original cartoons (MPDtoons) which illustrate the ups and downs of a dissociative life. Also included are musings on my relationship with God, and the story of the civil lawsuit I brought against the perpetrators (my parents).
Loretta Woodbury On-Line - Adult Survivors, Sexual Abuse Survivors, Incest, MPD, DID,PTSD
I welcome all of you to take a journey with me.  A journey to the past, present, and future of all survivors, oppressed people, and all live and let live kinds of people.


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