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kwyit is 3 lik tu kulur an no tok

We have found out that Kwyit (Quiet) is quite the artist.  She can draw remarkably well for such a small thing.

She may not speak words with her mouth but her art work speaks unheard volumes.

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I have taken my time and tried to choose my words carefully before starting to write something on this page, so I hope it pays off. We are a collection of persons in one body, that belongs to all of us. We came to be due to a terrible man, who came into our lives when the host was 4. He was a very charismatic, kind, loving, compassionate, man with a twist. The twist being that he hated us and loved us at the same time. The hate was stronger than the love, and the hate won . He did things that most would never even find believable much less able to live through. He was very good at hiding that twisted side of himself from others. We find ourselves lucky to have survived. To survive was our job. We did it. Without each other it would not have been possible, as many have certain jobs to tend to. Some were born only to take on the responsibility of the abuse, some were responsible for the act of being obedient, some were born to be defensive, and some just because it was too hard of a job for just one. There are many of us, because that is what the life called for, to survive. It has not been easy, but is somewhat getting better. We are becoming more cooperative in some ways, and in other ways we seem to be coming apart at the hinges. We will make it though. We are survivors. She is learning about us now, which is hard for all, and creating turmoil in the ranks. But that is inevitable. Inevitable things happen for a reason. I would like to think that the reason is so that we can learn to accept and appreciate one another and live together in harmony, as a family should. We have spent enough of our time already in this life, rebelling against one another so is time to learn cooperation and consideration. It is yet another hard road but this one is even more rewarding to follow. We will make it through this one too, this time it will be a better reward at the end than to have just survived. This reward will be to live, and live good.

Thank you,

Nicole, 22


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