Hi I am Janine. First, I must apologize, for her (Bridget), yet once again. I don't

know how we can be so alike and be yet so very different. See I believe that we

were twins who did not split apart before birth. So therefore we are similar to

conjoined twins, as in we are connected to one another permanetly. However, we

are not connected externally. We are two separate persons joined internally in

one body. This is a really tough existence when stuck with someone like her. I

don't like her at all. Some might even call the way I feel as hatred. She is stupid,

and delusional. She believes that her and I share one body, but she believes we

also share it with many, many, many, others. She believes in this idea so much that

she has made it real in our head. Of course it is only real in our head because she

is crazy. Be reassured I am NOT crazy, but because she is, and because we share

this body, I am constantly plagued with her delusions. She has even given them

names, and allows her delusions to control our body at times. She infuriates me.

I wish that she would just go away and never come back. It would be great if she

would just die! That would rid me of her permanently! Then I would have the body

all to myself and no more delusions of hers to deal with, ever again. She is a

horrible person to have to be stuck with for a lifetime. She is very Weak and

Needy. She always creates chaos and then leaves me at the helm to take the

blame. And of course she always leaves me to deal with all the bad and

unpleasant things. See she is worthless. So now you know the reason for my

apology. Please do not fall victim to her delusional thoughts.

As a side note- Tobee, go to hell



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